Sparks Fly.

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Hi darlings. My name is Tara Renee. I am a social work major at the University of Indianapolis. I am 18 and I blow my candles out on May 16th. I'm obsessed with Tumblr and shopping. I'm very sociable and easy going. So, feel free to message me sometime.

LOVES: Cheetah print. Floral. Nicholas Sparks. Road trips. VS PINK. Forever 21. Road trips. Texts. Rainy days. Charlotte Russe. Christmas lights. Glitter. Starbucks. Cuddling. Boston Terriers. Orange Leaf. Autumn. Law and Order: SVU. Claire's and Icing. Tanning Salons. The beach. Butterflies. Snow. Zac Efron. American Eagle. Mean Girls. Sephora. Bebe. Bonfires. Mascara.Coco Chanel. Pepperiment Mochas. Rimmel.Pumpkin Patches. Uggs. Sparkles. Candles.Bath and Body Works. Over sized hand bags.Curling Irons. Halloween. Knee High Socks.
Shi. Kisses. Instagram. Bonfires. Trey Songz. iPhone. Apple. Crop tops. Ripped jeans. Sunsets. Long summer nights.